Consumer Alert
CONSUMER ALERT! is a lead generator and member of We are not a lender and do not collect debt from consumers. If you are being contacted about an outstanding debt with by anyone claiming to be from a collections agency, DO NOT give them any of your personal or financial information.

How to Know if You May Be a Victim of Fraud

It’s not always easy to recognize when you’re being taken advantage of by a fraudster, but there are signs:

The Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) and its members recognize that it is important to provide resources and be an advocate for consumers of online small, short-term loan products. Therefore, we pledge to ensure that consumers are fully informed and use all lending products and practices responsibly by proactively issuing consumer alerts, providing a toll-free hotline to help consumers report fraudulent calls, and helping consumers work with their banks and credit card companies to get their funds back from fraudsters.

For more information, including what to do if you receive a threatening or possibly fraudulent collections call visit our Consumer Resources Page.

OLA Consumer Hot Line

If you have questions or concerns about a possible fraudulent call, speak to live operators on the OLA Consumer Hotline: 1-866-299-7585.